Laura Diaz – Taking a Mission to Heart

There are times in every professional journalist career when they become personally connected to a news story they cover. This was the case in 2002 when Los Angeles television personality Laura Diaz reported on the tragic murder of Samantha Runnion, a beautiful little girl who was sexually abused and murdered by a vicious predator. And though this initial reporting, Laura Diaz developed a mission to ensure this type of tragedy could be transformed into a positive for years to come.

How Laura Diaz Started Her Career in Television

Laura Diaz is no stranger to the millions of television views in the Los Angeles metro area. In fact, she has been a veteran of the LA air waves since her humble beginning in the late 1980′s. An award winning television anchor and current anchor on Fox 11 in Los Angeles, Laura Diaz has taken her passion for factual and un-bias news reporting to an entirely different level. But, as professional and trustworthy as she has become during her sterling news anchor career, her personal devotion to making a positive impact on her community was altered with the tragic loss of Samantha Runnion.

About Samantha and How Laura Diaz Became Connected to Her Story

Samantha was a joyful young lady. Enjoying the common traits of any little girl living in Los Angeles including reading, writing stories, drawing, painting and singing and dancing, Samantha Runnion was the prototypical little girl. She looked forward to becoming a mother and growing up to be a successful woman like Laura Diaz had become during her rise to the airwaves. However, those goals were ripped away from her when she was sexually abused and murdered.

As a professional journalist, it was the job of Laura Diaz to report the news. But something about this story tugged at the heart strings of this professional news anchor. Laura Diaz developed a positive relationship with Samantha’s mother Erin during this time period. She reported on this story more intensely than any other news anchor in Los Angeles, and decided to try to turn this horrible tragedy into a positive for other children.

Turning a Tragic Event into a Personal Mission for Laura Diaz

Laura Diaz became an active member on the advisory board of “The Joyful Child Foundation”, a non-profit organization which works to organize neighborhood watch programs around the United States to ensure children stay safe from sexual predators like the one who killed young Samantha. She has continued to work with this foundation by using her vast resources to create new relationships to ensure every child is protected from potential tragedy.

It is not uncommon for news reporters like Laura Diaz to become personally invested in a story. However, it is very rare that they actively search for solutions to the problems. It is for this reason that Laura Diaz from Fox 11 has separated herself from the rest of the media and remains a positive inspiration for all.

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