Laura Diaz – Diversity of Arts

Laura Diaz

Laura Diaz

Laura Diaz – Creating Diversity for the Arts

The advancement of diversity in America is always a concern. However, it’s a mission for Los Angeles news anchor Laura Diaz of Fox 11. And since her early days as an up and coming Latin born news reporter evolving to her current role as a recognized leader in television, Laura Diaz has showcased her passion and resolve for ensuring that diversity should always be at the forefront of several industries, especially the arts.

Laura Diaz Role in Shaping Diversity in Performing Arts Community

Los Angeles is well known for being an entertainment capital. With Hollywood being located in the Los Angeles metro area, some of the biggest and most influential people in entertainment make their living in the City of Angels. But for Laura Diaz, diversity is something that needs to develop at lower levels in order to create effective change. And her active role as a leader in the Pasadena Playhouse and their diversity counsel has given her a unique platform to enact positive change from the ground up in one of the biggest entertainment capitals of the world.

The Pasadena Playhouse – A Rich History of Diversity

The Pasadena Playhouse has a rich history in creating new methods and adaptations of some of the world’s best theatrical performances. Located in the heart of Pasadena, a community rich with history and diversity, the Playhouse also takes pride in their dedication to showcasing the rich culture and diversity which exists in the host city. This is where Laura Diaz helps the Playhouse expand its reach.

Southern California Girl Laura Diaz – Giving Back to Her Community

Laura Diaz went to college at Cal Poly Tech in San Luis Obispo. But don’t let that fool you – Laura Diaz is a Southern California girl through and through. Growing up in a Latin American family in the Los Angeles metro area, Laura Diaz was inspired by performing arts at a very young age. In fact, her passion for the arts led her to obtain her BA in English from Cal Poly. She has a deep rooted history in the performing arts community and as such wanted to have an active role in the development of effective diversity programs in the community in which she lives and works.

One of the biggest inspirations for Laura Diaz is the fact that So Cal is one of the most diverse populations in the United States. This fact allows Laura Diaz to blend the best of both worlds; her love for arts and a rich diverse climate to inspire others to embrace the same traditions and positive attributes of creating more awareness to cultural diversity.

With a professional career that is approaching is fourth decade, Laura Diaz continues to make positive marks on the community in which she has lived, works and has provided so much for her in the past. Her work with the Pasadena Playhouse as well as the ongoing mission to help increase diversity awareness throughout the LA basin, and the entire State of California has proven that Laura Diaz is dedicated to the positive advancement of the community she loves.

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