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I just finished watching two of the smartest shows on TV, and now I can’t wait for them to come back next season.

The first was “Veep” on HBO, which is smart and quirky at the same time, like the sweet and salty kettle corn I was eating while binge viewing. Julia Louis-Dreyfuss is a comedic genius, from her timing to her delivery. Her wardrobe is stunning, and you can tell she’s been working out (pilates?) because she’s in great shape. The characters are also brilliant, from Gary, the Veep’s “bag man”, played by Tony Hale, to Amy, her chief of staff, played by child star Anna Chlumsky, and all the others. I especially love how the Veep stands up to her chauvinistic male colleagues, no stranger to using profane language herself along the way. I have to admit I just discovered the show this past spring, and quickly became addicted, sometimes watching three and four episodes in one sitting.


The second show is called “Episodes” on Showtime, starring Matt LeBlanc as himself— or more accurately, a version of himself.  It is a wicked comedy which underscores the seedier aspects of network television. At times it hits a bit close to home for those of us who have spent a lifetime in this business. But LeBlanc is magnificent, playing a man who never thinks about the consequences of his actions. In the show, he ruins the lives of a lot of people, yet somehow remains a lovable guy. And he’s okay with jokes that come at his expense, which is so NOT Hollywood. “Episodes”  has also been around for three seasons, but once again I just discovered it a couple of months ago.


There’s one advantage to discovering a show late into its run. It’s extremely satisfying to binge watch a great show! The only thing keeping a person from watching another episode is the time-to-go-to-sleep head bob. The first show I ever binged on was the superb “House of Cards” on Netflix, which of course was released an entire season at a time to indulge viewers hungry for a good drama.


Up next, I think I’ll start watching “Homeland.” I know, I’m late to the party on this one. I’ve heard great things about it. But for those of you who are already up to date on “Homeland,” please do me a favor and don’t spoil it for me by spilling the beans on the plot twists.

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